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PHOTO: ÖBB begins final spurt in the Klagenfurt-Weizelsdorf line's electrification

PHOTO: ÖBB begins final spurt in the Klagenfurt-Weizelsdorf line's electrification
photo: emedia / ÖBB/PHOTO: ÖBB begins final spurt in the Klagenfurt-Weizelsdorf line's electrification
08 / 07 / 2022

ÖBB's work on the electrification of the Klagenfurt-Weizelsdorf line is progressing faster than planned. The completely renewed line will be in operation as early as December 2022 and a hundred per cent diesel-free.

Faster and more environmentally friendly from Klagenfurt to Weizelsdorf is the motto for the future of the railroad line in the Rosental. And the ÖBB work is progressing faster than planned: instead of commissioning in 2023, the first diesel-free trains will already be able to roll with the timetable change in December 2022. A total of around 50 million euros will be invested. ÖBB, the state of Carinthia and the municipalities are all involved in the major project.

ÖBB / emedia

Gerald Zwittnig, Project Manager ÖBB Infrastruktur AG: "We have been working on the electrification project between Klagenfurt and Weizelsdorf since April 2021. Fortunately, the work is progressing faster than planned, which will enable the line to be commissioned at the end of 2022. Until then, intensive work will continue - among other things, on the stops, the Drau bridge at Hollenburg, and the railroad crossings, which will either be technically secured or abandoned. A big thank you is due to everyone working on this major project."

The work at a glance

In addition to the complete electrification of the line, the Maria Rain station will be upgraded, the Köttmannsdorf Lambichl stop will be rebuilt, and the Klagenfurt-Süd and Weizelsdorf stops will be adapted. To be able to travel without diesel in the future, foundations for the overhead line masts are currently being built, and cable routes and cabling, as well as tracks and switches, are being laid. Intensive work is also being carried out on the railroad crossings along the line: four railroad crossings are being abandoned, eight are being equipped with new full barriers and traffic lights, one is getting a new traffic light and another is being converted into a footpath with St. Andrew's cross and stop sign.

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The 167-meter-long Drau Bridge near Hollenburg is also being made fit for the future. Currently, corrosion protection is being applied, protected from wind and weather by an airtight cover. This work should be completed by the fall.

To make it easier to switch to the environmentally friendly train, new Park&Ride and Bike&Ride facilities are also being built along the route. The Maria Rain station will have a Park&Ride and Bike&Ride facility with 30 car parking spaces and 30 bicycle parking spaces, while 22 car parking spaces and 30 bicycle parking spaces will be created at the Köttmannsdorf Lambichl stop.

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The section between Klagenfurt and Weizelsdorf will remain closed - as planned - until December. Gerhard Pajer, project coordinator of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG: "The construction activities are running at full speed. Until the start of operations, rail replacement transport with buses will remain in place. We are glad that, due to the far-advanced construction activities, we can already integrate the line into the operations control centre in Villach in December and set the signals to green."


Source: ÖBB Press Releases