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Opening of main part of Brenner tunnel postponed

Opening of main part of Brenner tunnel postponed
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05 / 06 / 2021

The set opening date of the 55 km base part of the Brenner Tunnel to commercial traffic has been postponed from 2030 to 2032, confirmed the project promoter BBT SE.

BBT SE acknowledged that the previous timetables were too optimistic and stated that the revised timetable took into account geological problems that would require further significant work, as well as the ongoing dispute over the Pfons-Brenner Lot H51 construction contract of EUR 966 million. It will also take longer to install rail systems and ensure that they meet the latest technical standards in both Austria and Italy.

So far, 140 km of tunnel excavation has been completed from the required 230 km, including 48 km of main tunnel openings, 52 km of exploration tunnels, and 40 km of other tunnels, including access tunnels.

The delay was criticized by the governors of South Tyrol and Austrian Tyrol, who demanded political and technical cooperation and optimization of the construction process so that the tunnel could open as soon as possible.

The Brenner Tunnel is a promising straight railway across the Alps. The commissioning of the entire tunnel project in the section between Munich and Verona will lead to a significant improvement in travel and transport possibilities in the heart of Europe, in particular with regard to speed and reduction of energy loss and the associated environmental burden in overcoming the elevation of the Alpine railways.