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On the Right Track: Czech Railways Boosts Services for Disabled Passengers

On the Right Track: Czech Railways Boosts Services for Disabled Passengers
photo: České dráhy / Public domain/Czech Railways train
18 / 02 / 2024

Czech Railways (České dráhy) is setting a benchmark in providing inclusive transportation solutions, continuously expanding its fleet of wheelchair-accessible carriages to ensure comfortable travel for everyone, especially those in need.

Last year, Czech railways transported a record number of disabled people. 8.5 thousand transports were recorded by the order system of the Czech railway carrier. Thousands of other handicapped people who used the services of wheelchair-accessible trains did not buy tickets through the system and did not use the carrier's assistance, so they are not included in the statistics.

From 2018 to 2023, Czech Railways has helped more than 41 thousand disabled citizens who have limited mobility and need some assistance from the railways to move around.

Compared to 2022, this number has increased by almost 1,300 people and has been surpassed even the pre-covide year 2019. This is informed by statistics, which found that in total all passengers, which also include disabled people after COVID-19, have gradually returned and used the train for their movement. Michal Krapinec, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Czech Railways, said that the railways value all disabled passengers. To help people with limited mobility even more, they have decided to put about 120 new wheelchair-accessible trains into service this year, both in regional and long-distance transport.

This will make transporting disabled passengers much easier. The number of disabled people who will not need assistance will continue to grow. This will also be facilitated by the new meaning of accessibility signs at individual connections, which was already introduced in December 2023.

Appropriately equipped trains are marked with the symbol of a low-floor vehicle that is suitable for carrying passengers in wheelchairs, whether it is a vehicle that has a lifting platform. Ordering such trains will no longer be necessary as there are more than 3,000 wheelchair-accessible trains. Up to three-quarters of all services offer facilities for wheelchair travel and this number is set to increase thanks to the extensive modernisation of the rolling stock. Disabled train travel has never been as easy as it is now in the history of the railway.

What is an assistance or escort service?

This service is provided to all customers who have limited mobility, regardless of the type of disability. They are provided with an escort within the station as well as on the arrival and departure of the train.