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Nokia is installing communication equipment on Westbahn trains

Nokia is installing communication equipment on Westbahn trains
20 / 01 / 2021

Westbahn and Nokia have concluded a cooperation agreement in Austria. Nokia will install a secure and high-performance broadband communication solution on the Austrian carrier's trains.

Nokia will supply, deploy, and maintain Wi-Fi access points in Westbahn vehicles as well as intelligent multi-way switching and control systems within Westbahn's Operations Control Center (OCC). This will give passengers in Westbahn cars better comfort, as they will be able to use a broadband internet connection.

“The Westbahn brand experience is based on a superior level of customer service, with continuous high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity as an important part of our offering. Nokia’s train-to-ground solution delivers the necessary reliability, speed and capacity that our passengers rely on to stay connected, whether their journey is for business or leisure,” said Christian Pettauer, the CIO of Westbahn.

Intelligent switching is used to achieve on-board connectivity. This is a completely extraordinary algorithm of multipath connection. As a result, traffic is optimally routed through redundant network gateways. These gateways can connect simultaneously to the networks of different operators. Thanks to this, a high-quality integrated connection is maintained.

"By providing high-speed Wi-Fi throughout its fleet, Westbahn has successfully differentiated in the marketplace with a commitment to outstanding levels of operational performance and customer service," said Christian Watzinger, the Head of Enterprise Sales Austria, Nokia Cloud and Network Services.

As part of the cooperation between Westbahn and Nokia, 15 six-car double-decker Kiss trains should be equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. These were manufactured by Stadler. With these trains, the Westbahn has been operating express services between Vienna and Salzburg on the Austrian Western Railway since 2011.