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Nexxiot will digitize wagons for the Romanian E-P Rail

Nexxiot will digitize wagons for the Romanian E-P Rail
photo: e-p Rail/Nexxiot will digitize wagons for the Romanian E-P Rail
04 / 09 / 2021

Nexxiot AG from Zurich, the innovative Swiss IoT company, and the Romanian railway undertaking E-P Rail are entering into a partnership. The focus of the collaboration, besides the digital transformation of rail freight, is new and innovative services for E-P Rail’s customers. In doing so, the two companies are driving forward the idea of ‘TradeTech’, which reimagines the capabilities of global supply chains through digitization. The equipment of the entire E-P Rail freight car fleet with IoT sensors, will begin in the coming months. This will enable global asset and cargo transparency and open the door for the development of new, disruptive business models. With this new partnership, Nexxiot is significantly expanding its activities in Eastern Europe.

Romania has the third largest rail network in the European Union and E-P Rail is currently among the largest eight rail companies in the country. E-P Rail is focused on developing cutting-edge technology to drive its business forward and meet major challenges with the latest data-driven tools. Working closely with other large rail operators and lessors, E-P Rail always focuses on value creation and digital services for its own customers. It has also already developed its own mobile phone apps for the management of critical processes and to create transparency around operations. The Nexxiot solution now adds the next level of data for digitizing processes.

Radu Gabriel Gheorghiu, the owner of E-P Rail and also CER Fersped, the E-P Rail’s freight operator, promotes a culture of innovation in his companies:

“We seek out and integrate the very best solutions for our cargo customers, so they feel secure and can always find the right cargo transport for their specific needs, whatever their requirements may be. We believe strongly in digital technologies and want to remain at the forefront of our sector by driving innovation. Nexxiot’s sensor gateways, cloud-based software, and analytics will help us to achieve our current mission objectives.”

Nexxiot will deliver about 1100 gateway devices, called Globehoppers, to the Romanian company in the coming months to digitize the entire wagon fleet. In addition to Globehoppers, E-P Rail benefits from the Nexxiot software which cleans and analyzes the data. The dedicated logistics cloud processes the Big Data collected using machine learning and algorithms. For E-P Rail, this enables improvements to operational performance and creates new services which are valued by customers because it makes their supply chain more transparent, agile, and predictable. New cargo services for the end customers will come online in the coming year.

Nexxiot CEO, Stefan Kalmund said: “It is an exciting moment for both organizations. Nexxiot has evolved rapidly from an innovative young IoT company to an industry leader in TradeTech. With deep analytics to process and extract meaning and value from Big Data using algorithms and the latest machine learning techniques”.