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New locomotives for DB Polska - eco friendly aproach

New locomotives for DB Polska - eco friendly aproach
photo: Siemens press release/Vectron Locomotive
11 / 03 / 2021

Based on the long-term policy of the parent DB in the use of renewable resources in railway transport and on the basis of the agreement of its Polish branch and PKP Energetyka on the use of 100% renewable resources, an order was signed for brand new four SIEMENS Vectron locomotives to be developed in next 2 years to polish branch.

The new locomotives will be powered exclusively by 100% renewables after their commissioning, which was achieved by an agreement between the Polish branch of the multinational carrier DB and the energy provider for railway electric traction, PKP Energetyka, which guarantees the Polish carrier paid will go to the purchase of 100% renewable energy.

At present, electricity from renewable sources represents only 12% of the total delivered volume in the traction network of the polish network. The Railway Energy Eficiency Center (CEEK), the author of the Green Railway project on the Polish railway network, which also includes DB Polska, is trying to significantly increase the share of energy from renewable sources in the traction network of Polish railways and also focuses on carriers who they may voluntarily accept this commitment.

Already in 2016, DB, as a multinational holding company, undertook to use more energy from renewable sources and thus reduce its environmental footprint from the very widespread operation throughout Europe. Regarding the agreement and the efforts of the entire DB Cargo Group, Mr. Marek Stazek, CEO of DB Polska, stated the following: “We fully realize that our business does not remain without an impact on the environment in which we operate. Being aware of this and meeting our customers ’expectations, we have developed two products within the DB Cargo Group,‘ DBeco plus ’and‘ DBeco neutral ”.

Based on its commitment to purchase energy from renewable sources, DB Polska will proceed in several partial steps. First, experience and information will be shared between the energy company and the carrier, which builds on its existing programs in other countries. Then 50% of the volume of energy from renewable sources will be supplied and from January 2023 already 100%. It is expected that the agreement with the carrier with a large share of transport on the Polish market will mean a further expansion of this offer by the Polish railway network to other carriers.