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New Impulse to the Murcia-Almería HSL: Adif AV Announces a New Phase of Construction Works

New Impulse to the Murcia-Almería HSL: Adif AV Announces a New Phase of Construction Works
photo: Archive/New Impulse to the Murcia-Almería HSL: Adif AV Announces a New Phase of Construction Works
06 / 12 / 2022

Adif AV gives new impetus to the new Murcia-Almería High-Speed Line construction, a strategic part of the Mediterranean Corridor, with the start of the process to tackle a new phase of the works, track laying.

Adif AV has launched the drafting of the project to lay the standard gauge tracks on the first section of this line, between the end of the Barriomar (Murcia) burial area and the Lorca-San Diego station, a 60-kilometre route.

The project, the drafting of which has just been put out to tender for more than 510,000 euros, will define the works and actions to undertake the assembly and is the first step before the tendering of the works contract. The tracks will be laid on the line's platform and, once the assembly is completed, the installation of the line's systems will be tackled: electrification, signalling, and safety and communications equipment.

On the Murcia-Lorca San Diego section, the track assembly will require the construction of a provisional Iberian gauge track with a multi-purpose sleeper between the end of the Barriomar underground installation and the Librilla assembly base, where all the necessary materials will be stockpiled. Once the standard gauge track has been installed between Librilla and Lorca-San Diego, the track gauge will be changed to the standard gauge foreseen for the line.

The project also includes converting the conventional gauge tracks at the head of the Chinchilla/Almería side of Murcia Cargas to mixed gauge and laying the double conventional gauge track between Alcantarilla and Librilla.

New milestone in the construction of the Murcia-Almería High-Speed Railway Line

The project for the first track assembly works is a new milestone in the construction of the Murcia-Almeria high-speed line and follows other actions, such as the beginning of the Vera viaduct construction, which will be built at the end of the route between Pulpí and Vera, to cross the A-352 dual carriageway, with the particularity that it will be twice as wide as usual (28 metres) and will channel four tracks.

Passing through the Region of Murcia and its connection with Almería, the Mediterranean Corridor accounts for more than 200 million euros of investment in the first nine months of the year. In the last four years, in these two provinces, works worth 1.4 billion euros have been put out to tender, 920 million have been awarded, and 550 million have been executed.

European Funding

This project holds European funding through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Funded by the European Union-NextGenerationEU. These actions contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 9 (reliable, sustainable and quality infrastructures).


Source: Adif AV Press Releases