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New Entry and Exit System at Further Park&Ride Facilities in Lower Austria

New Entry and Exit System at Further Park&Ride Facilities in Lower Austria
photo: ÖBB/New Entry and Exit System at Further Park&Ride Facilities in Lower Austria
09 / 11 / 2022

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG and the province of Lower Austria have partnered to create a new access system to ensure that Park & Ride facilities are being used properly.

This new system is designed to make sure that the parking spaces are only available for public transport users, so they can quickly and easily change to trains. This new system will be implemented in Mödling station and the parking deck in Wiener Neustadt. The project was created with the collaboration of ÖBB, the province of Lower Austria, and the municipalities.

The system is designed to keep the journey to the Park & Ride facility as similar as possible for commuters. An innovative access system without barriers will be implemented in the facility. A camera will automatically record the license plate number of the car entering the facility. When the car leaves, another camera will record the license plate of the same car, and a valid ticket is needed to exit. The system will recognise if the parking is authorised, and a green light will signal the exit. For permanent ticket holders, such as weekly, monthly, or annual passes, the ticket only needs to be scanned once, and the parking authorisation will be stored for the duration of the validity period of the permanent ticket.

The barrier-free system was tested in St. Valentin and is now being implemented continuously in Vienna's heavily frequented Park & Ride facilities and parking decks. There are plans to expand this system to a total of 21 locations this year.

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG is working with the province of Lower Austria to develop various services for Park & Ride facilities. These include providing real-time information on the utilisation of P&R in route planner apps and verifying the use in conformity with the zoning by developing and installing access systems. Additionally, services that make it easier for customers to switch to the train are being tested, such as booking selected parking spaces at Park & Ride facilities.