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Deutsche Bahn: New depot for ICE 4 trains to start up in 2024

Deutsche Bahn: New depot for ICE 4 trains to start up in 2024
photo: Deutsche Bahn (DB) /New depot for ICE 4 trains to start up in 2024
02 / 08 / 2021

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has revised the concept of the ICE 4 high-speed train depot in Cottbus, which will open its first stage in 2024 - 2 years earlier than planned. The construction of new workshops of the depot will begin in 2022, and preparatory work is already underway.

The revised concept envisages the construction of two workshops for servicing ICE 4 trains. The first workshop with two tracks, approximately 400 m each, will start operation in 2024. The second workshop with four tracks will open in 2026. The previous project envisaged the construction of one workshop in six ways.

It was decided to abandon the construction of a new workshop for servicing locomotives with hybrid power plants and place the corresponding capacities in the existing production facilities.

The opening of a new depot in Cottbus will create 1,200 new jobs positions for highly qualified specialists, including 500 in 2024. About 1 billion euros will be invested in the creation of a depot for ICE 4 trains. These funds are allocated within the framework of the law adopted in Germany on the re-profiling of the economy of the regions in which coal is mined, and the phase-out of this type of fossil fuel.

DB currently has a fleet of 80 ICE 4 express trains and receives one new train every three weeks. By the end of 2024, the fleet of these trains will reach 137 units.


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