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New application for train drivers at the ČD Cargo carrier

New application for train drivers at the ČD Cargo carrier
06 / 04 / 2021

Last week, a Czech freight carrier with the participation of the state began testing a new application that will enable drivers to better orientate themselves in the current conditions on the line for the running of their specific train. The application aims to solve complicated preparation before the train runs and helps reduce human failure.

In cooperation with the railway network administrator, the Czech carrier began testing a newly developed application in its operation, which is to inform the driver in advance in the current position about extraordinary conditions on the line and about normal operating conditions. This gives the digital instrument platform more resources, which the driver needed to check before the train ran. On a tablet placed on a locomotive, the driver will see the immediate situation at his position and can also view the entire planned train route. He will be notified in time of all planned emergencies on the line, both from the traffic and electrical point of view.

The application is a step in the right direction in the prevention of human failure and moves the preparation of train running to the level of the 21st century. The application is being developed by the Czech Railways Administration within the DISAF (digital safety first) program. After its successful testing with the carrier, all other carriers in the network will be able to use it. The strategy of the railway network management is thus to communicate in the clearest and most modern way the measures that are connected with the operation of the network and thus cooperate more closely with the operating staff of carriers in organizing rail transport and especially its safety.