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Nevomo runs more magnetic rail tests of hyperloop train in Poland. The technology has a support on European-level.

Nevomo runs more magnetic rail tests of hyperloop train in Poland. The technology has a support on European-level.
02 / 02 / 2021

Nevomo, formerly known as Hyper Poland, has completed the first testing of magrail technology based on magnetic levitation, a linear motor and autonomous control systems. The technology is inspired by the high-speed Hyperloop transport system, and may allow operation of high-speed trains even on existing railway lines.

Nevomo has successfully completed the first testing on a medium-sized line. This testing was focused primarily on the performance of the linear motor. Tests of magrail technology should begin in full by mid-2021. A certification program should follow. The company's goals are to make magrail technology ready for commercial implementation.

Nevomo focuses primarily on the development of key components in the Hyperloop area. These are levitation, control, and drive subsystems. These innovative technologies can be introduced as part of the revolutionary magrail technology developed by Nevomo.

Thanks to this technology, it will be possible to use magnetic levitation on the existing railway infrastructure and the solution would need only a partial retrofitting of railway lines without the need to build new railway corridors and astronomical costs. The railway cars will be able to reach speeds of up to 550 km/hour.

Hyperloop technology is being developed in the European environment. In 2020, it was decided in Brussels to set up a CEN-CENELEC Joint Technical Commission (JTC 20). The main objective of this commission is to create a common uniform system and technical standards for high-speed ultra-fast transport within Europe.

One of the key initiatives that is intensively involved in the Hyperloop project in Europe is HyperNex: Ignition of the European Hyperloop Ecosystem. This project is led by the Shift2Rail initiative. The main idea of  the initiative is joint research and cooperation between individual companies and research centers, which focus on the development of a new generation of transportation.

Nevomo will also take part in another European-level initiative - the Dutch Hyperloop Development Programme. "With its expertise, Nevomo will make a valuable contribution to the R&D activities on engine and power system design," said Jeroen in 't Veld, president of the Programme. This initiative was announced to the public in December last year. As part of this, the European Hyperloop Centre with a 2,6 km test track should be established.