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Modernization boost: ÖBB stations Stams and Silz to get electronic interlockings

Modernization boost: ÖBB stations Stams and Silz to get electronic interlockings
photo: Kapferer / ÖBB/Modernization boost: ÖBB stations Stams and Silz to get electronic interlockings
11 / 10 / 2022

Update for the railway stations in Stams and Silz: The existing signal boxes will be replaced by electronic signal boxes. It means that, in the future, the trains will be controlled remotely by the ÖBB operations control center in Innsbruck.

Commissioning is planned for November 2023. Parallel to the work, the signaling systems, the cable routes, and the safety-related systems will be renewed.

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG ensures the efficiency and safety of rail operations on the ÖBB route network. To guarantee this for the future as well, investments in railway facilities are being made on an ongoing basis. It is also the case at the ÖBB railway station in Stams and Silz, where the existing signal boxes are currently being replaced by electronic signal boxes (ESTW). In the course of this work, the signaling systems, cable routes, and other safety-related equipment are also being renewed. With the commissioning in November 2023, the Stams and Silz area will be remotely controlled by the ÖBB operations control center in Innsbruck.

Numerous individual measures for even more safety

Construction work for the reinvestment of the signal boxes in Stams and Silz has already started. The work, including the removal of the old signals, etc., will probably last until December 2023. In addition, the cable routes will be partially rebuilt or adapted for the new outdoor components. There will be no changes to the track position and maximum permitted speed. Separate technical buildings will be constructed for the new electronic interlockings, which will also house the telematics and energy departments. The costs for the replacement of the existing signal boxes amount to about 11.5 million euros.

Work also during the night hours

For the time being, the work will take place in the coming months until probably 17 November 2022 during train breaks in the evening and night hours, in each case between 22:00 and 05:00. On the following weekends, cable crossings and signal foundations will be erected. Further night shifts are planned for March and April 2023. Information for residents will be sent out separately for these months.

ÖBB is making every effort to keep disruptions to a minimum. Unfortunately, an increase in noise levels and dust cannot be completely avoided. In addition, optical and acoustic warning signals will be given to protect the workers at the construction sites. ÖBB asks for your understanding.


Source: ÖBB Press Releases


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