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METRANS Rail Leverages NavTrain System for Improved Rail Safety

METRANS Rail Leverages NavTrain System for Improved Rail Safety
photo: Betrian Group; METRANS Rail/METRANS Rail Leverages NavTrain System for Improved Rail Safety
19 / 06 / 2023

After ČD Cargo, the train navigation system NavTrain from Betrian Group has been used by another major carrier, METRANS Rail, whose trains transport containers and other cargo from European ports to terminals in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. It also holds a licence for passenger rail transport.

"We are delighted that our product has appealed to another carrier. It is proof that NavTrain meets the requirements for modernising drivers' workplaces," comments Petr Sec from Betrian Group. He points out that NavTrain fundamentally simplifies the process of providing information that drivers need to have at their disposal during the journey, such as current speed limits, signals and level crossings. "NavTrain helps prevent human error, and if it does occur, it immediately draws attention to it," adds Petr Sec about the app, which is on the driver's tablet at his station in the locomotive.

"Our drivers have had the opportunity to try out NavTrain on the job and have been very complimentary about how accurately this feature works and displays up-to-date information. We have, therefore, proceeded to sign the contract, and want to continue on the path of maximum safety on the railway. After ETCS, which we already have on most of our locomotives, this is another element to increase safety on the railway," said Martin Hořínek, Managing Director of METRANS Rail.

The carrier dispatches 200 complete trains weekly, which usually have destinations in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Gdansk or Rijeka. "Outside the Czech Republic, NavTrain does not yet have any functions in terms of detailed track information. However, it is this cooperation that would further develop NavTrain towards Germany or Austria," Petr Sec commented.

Source: Betrian Group