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MERMEC Triumphs in U.S. with Innovative Diagnostic Trains for San Francisco Underground

MERMEC Triumphs in U.S. with Innovative Diagnostic Trains for San Francisco Underground
photo: MERMEC/MERMEC Triumphs in U.S. with Innovative Diagnostic Trains for San Francisco Underground
26 / 07 / 2023

In a significant triumph for the Italian technology sector, MERMEC, an Apulian group specializing in advanced railway technologies, has successfully introduced its state-of-the-art diagnostic trains for the San Francisco underground system. This global achievement serves as a testament to Italy's innovative prowess, showcasing the country's technological aptitude on an international stage. MERMEC's impressive feat was unveiled at a ceremony in California, attended by the company's top brass and representatives of the Californian metro.

Founded in 1970, the Italian multinational MERMEC is part of the Angel Group, led by chairman Vito Pertosa. Angel is Italy's largest private high-tech holding that includes some of the most innovative companies in the transport, aerospace, and digital mechatronics sectors. All in all, MERMEC has 1,400 highly qualified employees, including 1,000 engineers. The technological solutions developed by MERMEC are currently in use in 71 countries around the world. But let us proceed in order.

The presentation ceremony of the new diagnostic vehicle for inspection and control of the San Francisco underground built in the US by the MERMEC Group took place in California in spring. MERMEC CEO Luca Necchi Ghiri and MERMEC's Vice President of International Affairs Angelo Petrosillo, along with representatives of the Californian metro were present at the event.

The vehicle, built by MERMEC in compliance with the requirements set by American regulations, represents a significant step forward for the railway industry and passengers in San Francisco, improving the safety, reliability, and quality of rail service: it will make it possible to detect the presence of problems along the track traveled with extreme accuracy and without obstructing the normal course of railway operations. The vehicle will provide a comprehensive track profile using hi-tech laser technology, sensors, cameras, measurement, and data management systems, all traveling at speed. "We have launched a high-tech infrastructure measurement vehicle, one of the most advanced in the world and a model for the entire West Coast," comments Angelo Petrosillo. "We are extremely satisfied with this important milestone achieved with our American partners. A project in which Italian-made excellence in high-tech rail technology plays a key role," says Necchi Ghiri.

But there is not only abroad in the plans of MERMEC and the thoughts of Cavalier Vito Pertosa. Italy also plays a strategic role. Recently, MERMEC completed the acquisition of Ferrosud, a historic Matera factory engaged in mechanical construction for the railway sector. The Ferrosud factory in Matera had been closed for years and can now look forward to a new life. The Lucania factory will produce the MERMEC group's diagnostic trains, probably destined to operate on the Belgian rail network. It is an advantageous operation for the entire Appulo-Lucano area, which will be able to count on a solid, up-to-date, and Italian-headquartered production facility.

Source: MERMEC