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LTG to Install New Locomotive Safety Systems Amid Push for European Integration

LTG to Install New Locomotive Safety Systems Amid Push for European Integration
photo: LTG/LTG to Install New Locomotive Safety Systems Amid Push for European Integration
15 / 06 / 2023

The Lithuanian Railways Group, striving for full integration with Europe and implementing the FREE Rail programme, keeps upgrading the Locomotive Safety Systems (LSS) currently in use on its rolling stock. In May, LTG signed with the Estonian company SLD Consult OÜ for the installation of new LSS on the rolling stock of the Group's company Gežinkelelio tiesimo centras (GTC).

LTG is consistently implementing a series of ongoing actions to strengthen integration with Europe, including steps to adapt Western technological solutions to the railway track in Lithuania.

"We have a strong value position, and we are consistently striving to fully integrate with Europe in terms of business relations, infrastructure and technology. The introduction of the new locomotive safety system marks LTG's commitment to open up the 1520 mm track and rolling stock in Lithuania to Western technology solutions and the global market," says Edvinas Kerza, LTG's Director of Business Resilience.

As Justas Vyžintas, CEO of GTC, points out, the introduction of technologically more advanced LSS on GTC's track repair rolling stock will also contribute to more efficient work planning. "Thanks to the technological solutions of the Estonian company's LSS, the testing of the system on the rolling stock is much faster than with previous systems. This will enable more efficient track repair work and improve the quality of services provided to customers," says Justas Vyžintas.

The aim is to implement the new LSS as quickly as possible, taking into account the capacity of the service provider SLD Consult OÜ. According to the signed contract, the new LSS will be completed on four GTC road repair vehicles by the end of this year.

The replacement of locomotive safety systems on LTG Group rolling stock has been in progress for some time. A different manufacturer's LSS system has already been installed and is being tested on a smart diagnostic vehicle used by the Group's company LTG Infra to assess the condition of the tracks. It is also on three locomotives used by LTG Cargo. The system was produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer Impuls.

Source: LTG