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Launching Development projects of Hungarian section of Budapest – Beograd line

Launching Development projects of Hungarian section of Budapest – Beograd line
22 / 10 / 2021

A thrilling ceremony that happened on October 15 launched a series of modernizing projects which will refine double-tracks at the Hungarian section of the Budapest – Beograd corridor. The project is supposed to upgrade the 183 km of the corridor in Serbia, and in combination, the projects will reduce the Budapest – Beograd duration time from 8 h to 3½ h. It is estimated that the project will need up to HF750bn 85% of all costs are covered by a loan that was provided by the Export-Import Bank of China, while the Ministry of Innovation & Technology will fund the rest.

Modernizations are supposed to be completed by 2025. The maximum length of freight trains will be raised to 740 m, and the maximum axle load to 22·5 tons.

During the development, it's expected that over 339 kilometers of new tracks are going to be laid over 150 route kilometers. 

The stations will get 550 mm high platforms, and the passengers will have a chance to use new pedastrian subways with new Terminal buildings provided at Délegyháza, Kiskunlacháza, Dömsöd, Fülöpszállás, and Kiskőrös, and existing buildings at Soroksár, Dunaharaszti, Taksony, Dunavarsány, Kunszentmiklós-Tass, Szabadszálás and Kebiskialás being revamped. 

,,Strengthening the competitiveness of rail freight transport will contribute to the achievement of the climate neutrality target for 2050. ‘One of the priorities of the Hungarian railway development program is to transform Hungary into a hub for freight transport, logistics, and distribution in central Europe. We are continuing with the policy of the opening to the east, so we are developing modern and safe logistics between the Far East and western Europe through the ports of Greece," said László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation & Technology and Government Commissioner for Modernization of the Budapest – Beograd Railway.