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Koralmbahn Launches in Carinthia: A Leap Towards Enhanced Mobility in Austria

Koralmbahn Launches in Carinthia: A Leap Towards Enhanced Mobility in Austria
photo: Chris Zenz / ÖBB/Koralmbahn Launch
11 / 12 / 2023

December 10th marked an important moment in Austrian transportation with the partial commissioning of the Koralmbahn in Carinthia, a key segment of one of Europe's most significant infrastructure projects. Celebrating this milestone, the ÖBB hosted a grand inauguration at the newly constructed St. Paul train station in Lavanttal.

This early operation, two years ahead of full completion, encompasses the entire Carinthian section from Klagenfurt to St. Paul im Lavanttal, integrating the modernized Lavanttalbahn and Bleiburger Loop. As Carinthia awaits the Koralmbahn's full operation, significant benefits are already evident. From December 10th, travel time between Klagenfurt and St. Paul im Lavanttal is reduced to just 26 minutes, outpacing road travel despite numerous stops. With the installation of extensive railway technology underway, the countdown to 2025 begins when long-distance travel between Graz and Klagenfurt will be transformed, cementing the Koralmbahn's place as a cornerstone of Austria's mobility landscape.

From left to right: Selmayr, Salzmann, Kaiser, Kogler, Matthä / ÖBB / Public domain

ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä, EU Ambassador Martin Selmayr, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, Carinthian Governor Peter Kaiser, and local mayors, experienced the new railway section firsthand during the celebration. With the EU's substantial funding of 543 million euros, this project aligns with the 2050 climate neutrality goal. Governor Peter Kaiser emphasized the Koralmbahn's ability to forge new opportunities in labor, education, and climate protection, while Vice Chancellor Kogler underscored the railway's timely contribution to climate action and enhanced public transport options.