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Khorgos Unveils Grain Terminal to Boost Kazakhstan-China Trade

Khorgos Unveils Grain Terminal to Boost Kazakhstan-China Trade
photo: / Public domain/Grain terminal in Khorgos
21 / 03 / 2024

A new grain terminal in Khorgos has initiated operations in test mode, marking a significant boost in grain exports from Kazakhstan to China.

Situated in the strategic Special Economic Zone of Khorgos, the terminal introduces a more efficient method for handling grain shipments by utilizing hoppers over traditional containers and car carriers, thereby significantly amplifying the export capacity. With the current capability to unload two trains daily and process up to six thousand tonnes of grain, handling seven wagons simultaneously, the facility will enhance the Kazakh-Chinese trade framework.

Railway Supply / Public domain

The establishment of the grain terminal is timely, aligning with the rise of new animal feed production enterprises within the Khorgos Special Economic Zone. These enterprises, already operational, command an annual grain demand exceeding two million tonnes. In response to the burgeoning demand and the strategic significance of the terminal, local authorities have ambitious plans to augment the facility's infrastructure. Proposals include the expansion of railway lines for increased train accommodation and an increase in storage capacity, from the current 50,000 tonnes to an envisioned one million tonnes, positioning the Khorgos grain terminal as a cornerstone in the expansion of Kazakhstan's agricultural export capabilities.