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Italian Rail freight is conforming to new legislative adjustments because of safety reasons.

Italian Rail freight is conforming to new legislative adjustments because of safety reasons.
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15 / 11 / 2021

Companies such as Rail Cargo Group, DB cargo, and METRANS, have already modified their wagon and locomotive fleets with composite brakes.

 ANSFISA, an Italian government agency overseeing the safety of the country's rail system has made decisions concerning speed limits of the Italian freight transportation laws.

Beginning today, 09.11.2021, freight wagons equipped with LL blocks (IB 116) may only operate at 80 km/h rather than the previously permitted 100 km/h. If the train is loaded with dangerous commodities, 60 km/h are allowed.

Rail cargo group stated on their website, "We have been working hard for quiet and sustainable freight transport. We therefore deeply regret the decision of the Italian authorities. Rest assured, however: We are working at full speed to guarantee the ongoing flow of goods and to ensure that your shipments reach their destination on time. What is more, we are joining forces with our partners and raising our voice in European committees. This is our responsibility. Together for the entire sector. We will of course keep you informed about further developments."

"In Italy, since October 2019, we have registered 29 events concerning vehicles, where the brake blocks had an increase of the temperature resulting in flames on the brake blocks mainly due to malfunctions to the continuous automatic brake. All the events referred to vehicles equipped with composite low friction coefficient (LL) type IB116. " ANSFISA stated in their official press release.


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