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Is the railway in Europe a good or noisy neighbour? UIC state of the art report may give you the answer

Is the railway in Europe a good or noisy neighbour? UIC state of the art report may give you the answer
photo: UIC/UIC Noise report
23 / 02 / 2021

The rail is about to the significant increase of passenger and freight traffic by a shift from the road. But the shift must not be done to the detriment of the public. The UIC SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT UNIT published the new environmental noise technical publication on 68 pages, titled “Railway Noise in Europe.”

The description of the report's purpose is framed by these ideas: “The first item in UIC’s mission is to promote rail transport at world level with the objective of optimally meeting current and future challenges of mobility and sustainable development. As the world is at a turning point for climate change, this is a more pressing issue than ever. The European Commission launched its Green Deal in December 2019 with the aim of protecting the environment and increasing human well-being. A main goal is that the European Union will be climate-neutral by 2050. This also requires a shift towards greener mobility, requiring freight and passenger transport to shift from road and aircraft to railways.”

Generally speaking, the position of European railways is not any bad. The UIC Director General, Mr. François Davenne, is stressing: “European railways are well-positioned to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals. The sector remains committed to doing business in a responsible way, providing environmentally friendly passenger and freight transport as well as offering a safe working environment. In this way the railways are a good neighbour and a responsible member of society.”

Mr. Jakob Oertli, Chair of UIC Noise and Vibration Sector and Swiss Federal Railways, is also optimistic: “The railways have accomplished much in terms of noise reduction, they are continuing to research cost-effective measures to ensure the competitiveness of the railways.

Download your own copy here.