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Interpipe delivered the first wheels for DB high-speed trains

Interpipe delivered the first wheels for DB high-speed trains
10 / 12 / 2020

Interpipe has delivered its first wheels for high-speed trains to Deutsche Bahn. This Ukrainian company, which is one of the leaders in the field of wheelsets, has been cooperating with DB for a long time and is one of its long-standing and proven business partners. Statistics show that Interpipe's wheelsets are on two of the three freight cars.

Wheelsets for high-speed rail passenger transport are a very sophisticated product that must be precisely processed. Specific demands are placed on these wheels, for example in terms of plasticity, strength or construction in terms of geometric parameters. These requirements are mainly due to the reduction of the load on the rails, which is caused by the friction of the wheels. Interpipe experts have developed complete wheel manufacturing technology that meets all these parameters.

"This is an extremely important contract and an excellent opportunity to be included in the list of suppliers for high-speed passenger transport. In fact, these products are subject to very strict requirements on the European market, and railway car manufacturers and car maintenance companies generally prefer already proven suppliers. The successful fulfillment of this order for Deutsche Bahn opens up new prospects for the Interpipe Railway Products division,” said Alexander Garkavij, Director of the Interpipe Railway Products Division.

It should be noted that Interpipe is the first company in the former Eastern Bloc to offer wheels for high-speed trains on the railway market.

Interpipe is based in Ukraine and manufactures pipes and railway wheelsets. Its products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. To illustrate, last year the company sold a total of 798 kt of finished products and from thess about 203 kt were products intended for railways. Interpipe employs 11,000 people.