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Innovative Triangular Rail Line Connects Germany, Romania, Italy, and Austria

Innovative Triangular Rail Line Connects Germany, Romania, Italy, and Austria
photo: Triangular Rail Line Connects Germany, Romania, Italy, and Austria
03 / 04 / 2023

Germany, Romania, Italy and Austria are the four countries between which a new intermodal rail connection with a triangular rail line is opening in mid-March to meet the needs of some large Italian and Romanian customers.

It is being implemented by Polo Logistica (FS Italian Group), with its subsidiary TX Logistik AG, which specializes in intermodal traffic in Europe. The German railway company's offer, based in Trosidorf, currently connects the four countries with one train per week, but after the success of the first service, the offer is expected to double starting April 18.

Compared to normal round trips with connections between two destinations, the triangular concept created by the FS Group with TX Logistik, designed for two large Romanian freight forwarding companies and an Italian carrier, has significant advantages for making freight transport by rail and increasing the modal shift to this more sustainable form of mobility. With this new service, customers can make use of efficient transport by rail, despite different freight flows depending on the countries crossed. Although all regions have high freight volumes the volumes are not always sufficient to load trains for a round trip, which is the case with this service that connects the needs of various customers.

The departure and arrival point of the triangular connection is the Arad railway yard in Curtici. From there, the train, which is also the first intermodal link between Romania and Italy, heads first to the Quadrante Europa terminal in Verona - with a stop at the TSSU terminal in Hall/Tirolo, where wagons with trailers for Austria are transferred. From Verona, the journey continues - again stopping in Hall - to Duisburg. Here TX Logistik, as one of three owners, operates the destination terminal at the Logport III logistics area. The route from Duisburg to Curtici thus marks the end of triangular traffic.

It is a nearly 4,000-kilometer-long link that also sees in traction a partnership between two operators: TX Logistik and the Hungarian railway company Gysev, which is entrusted with the traction of the intermodal train in Hungary and on the Romanian section.

Given the success of this service, the FS Group is considering adopting the triangulation concept on other suitable routes in Europe.

Source: Mercitalia Logistics