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INNOFREIGHT Solutions:-Innovative logistics solutions for the rails

INNOFREIGHT Solutions:-Innovative logistics solutions for the rails
photo: Innofreight/INNOFREIGHT Solutions:-Innovative logistics solutions for the rails
08 / 10 / 2021

More than 15 Years Innofreight together with their customers develop wagons, containers, and unloading systems to constantly optimize rail freight transports.

The development of logistics solutions means that road traffic is shifting to rail and reduces CO2. Innofreight thinks about the future. Innofreight was founded in 2002.

The foundation for their modular concept was laid in the pulp and paper industry. Since then, they continued to develop and now they offer solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors. From agriculture to building materials or the transport of steel, energy, chemical products, and liquids, there are hardly any goods for which they have not developed a suitable solution.
Their equipment is now on track in 18 European countries and rolls on all three common European gauges. From Finland to Portugal, their modular system is used by companies from a wide variety of industries and the number keeps growing.

International Sales & Service companies ensure close proximity to the customers around the clock and are available immediately, to guarantee the highest level of operational reliability all year round. Their international team is directly on-site for service and maintenance as well.
The digitization process for their entire fleet is also in full swing. They are adding the small digital plus to the large Innofreight package and offer added value that nobody else has.
Starting with the idea through to implementation – Innofreight offers the complete logistics solution.

1.5 million containers unload / year
15,000 containers in use
2,000 InnoWaggons in use
200 block trains in action
110 international employees
58 forklifts
17 European countries
6 unloading stations