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Innofreight Leads Construction Sector to Greener Paths with CityLogistics Containers

Innofreight Leads Construction Sector to Greener Paths with CityLogistics Containers
photo: Innofreight / Public domain/CityLogistics container
10 / 04 / 2024

In a collaboration between Innofreight, Silo Riedel, and Knauf, the construction sector is poised for a greener future with the introduction of the CityLogistics container, combining rail transport with electrically powered trucks.

This innovative approach is revolutionizing the transportation of natural gypsum, mined in Tragöß, Styria, to the Knauf headquarters in Weißenbach near Liezen. The utilization of 20 ft CityLogistics containers enables the efficient movement of 120 tons of building materials per double wagon through combined transport, enhancing operational flexibility with features like flap-equipped containers for easy unloading and tarpaulin covers to secure the cargo and protect the environment.

Innofreight / Public domain

The logistics chain begins with the loading of gypsum into CityLogistics containers, which are then transported to the Kapfenberg freight station by electric trucks. There, a transition to rail transport is facilitated by transferring the containers onto InnoWaggons for the journey to Weißenbach.

Supporting the eco-friendly transport initiative, Innofreight has installed charging stations equipped with superchargers at its headquarters, ensuring the e-trucks are quickly ready for their next haul. This venture marks a significant step towards reducing the construction industry's carbon footprint and exemplifies the vital role of intermodal solutions in achieving climate targets by prioritizing rail transport without compromising road transport efficiency.