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IMPORTANT: DB replaces concrete sleepers in the rail network

IMPORTANT: DB replaces concrete sleepers in the rail network
photo: Archive /IMPORTANT: DB replaces concrete sleepers in the rail network
15 / 07 / 2022

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is currently carrying out an extensive inspection and replacement program on concrete sleepers. It is done as a precautionary measure, as sleepers of a certain construction type are also being examined by the investigating authorities in connection with the accident near Garmisch-Partenkirchen that took place on June 3.

Even though the investigations have not yet been completed and the cause of the accident has not been determined, DB has decided to inspect sleepers of the same design on the network purely as a precautionary measure.

The inspections have already started. Around 200,000 sleepers are being examined. If DB finds any abnormalities, it will replace the sleepers as quickly as possible. Until then, trains will travel at lower speeds over the affected sections. In individual cases, line sections may also be closed.

The sleepers are only fifteen years old on average. According to current knowledge, around 0.25 percent of all concrete sleepers in DB's network are affected. The inspections cover lines in all regions nationwide. The first sleeper replacements have already begun, and DB is currently drawing up a comprehensive plan.

During work, restrictions, such as detours or travel time extensions, will not always be avoidable. DB asks all travelers for their understanding and apologies.

Up-to-date timetable information is available at or in the DB Navigator.


Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases