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Hitachi Rail's New Era of Digitalization and Automation Showcased at 2023 RSSI C&S Exhibition

Hitachi Rail's New Era of Digitalization and Automation Showcased at 2023 RSSI C&S Exhibition
photo: Hitachi Rail/Hitachi Rail's New Era of Digitalization and Automation Showcased at 2023 RSSI C&S Exhibition
03 / 10 / 2023

Hitachi Rail is launching innovations and product improvements at the 2023 Railway Systems Supplies, Inc. (RSSI) Communication & Signaling (C&S) exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 1st – October 4th. The company is demonstrating the latest in digital train control and signalling solutions for freight and passenger rail to help railroads maximize their investment for the long term.

Hitachi Rail has introduced several innovations in the areas of Automation and Digitalization, which include the PTC Onboard (Positive Train Control), Gen II M23 & M3 Switch Machine, the DGTRACK audio frequency track circuit, and the ViPro® processor for MicroLok II.

Hitachi Rail announces the launch of its PTC Onboard System, as an Interoperable Train Control (ITC) solution for freight railroads and commuter rail operators. The technology platform utilizes a modern, multiprocessor architecture to run both vital and non-vital applications, leveraging decades of onboard train control experience from prior Hitachi Rail platforms. The solution provides a simple upgrade path from existing PTC systems, simplifying the installation process on existing PTC-equipped locomotives.

Miles Metschke, Director of Product Management, North America stated, “We are excited to bring the Hitachi PTC Onboard platform to the industry, and it will enable freight and passenger rail operations to operate at higher levels of safety and efficiently. Its unique hot standby technology also increases the reliability of the system. We have also planned for the future of train control by including additional expansion capabilities, which allows railroads to maximize their investment for the long-term.”

Additionally, Hitachi Rail has also launched new Gen II M23 and M3 switch machines for both freight and mass transit solutions. These new products retain the proven, core technology that made Hitachi Rail’s original M23 and M3 safe and reliable through the decades. These improvements simplify installation and maintenance activities, in a time when track maintenance windows continue to be reduced. 

As part of its vision for an Intelligent Wayside, Hitachi continues to invest in integrating digital capabilities within its core signalling products. The ViPro® processor for the MicroLok II wayside signalling platform combines core train control capabilities with next-generation communications and remote monitoring. Also supporting the MicroLok II platform are the EasyRail® Design and Simulation tools to simplify the building and testing of vital and non-vital applications. Finally, EasyRail® Connect provides remote monitoring and diagnostics applications for the MicroLok II platform, which provides advanced analytics over wayside data. 

Hitachi Rail has also launched its new Digital Track Circuit,  DGTRACK.  This digital Audio Frequency (AF) track circuit equipment was recently installed and launched for use on a major passenger rail operator in North America. DGTRACK is used to continuously detect train presence within mainline track circuit blocks (except through interlocking) and transmit cab speed command signals to the train. This systems solution is part of Hitachi Rail’s FDC 3G wayside signalling platform, which offers train control functions in a modern, vital platform. 

Joseph Pozza, President of Hitachi Rail, North America, stated, “We have a long history of delivering great products for the rail industry. We continue to invest in our core products, as well as new digital technologies to provide our customers with modern communication and analytics capabilities. Our commitment to innovation is driving the evolution of rail train control systems, making rail more sustainable and resilient."

Source: Hitachi Rail