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Hitachi Rail Debuts First Long-Distance Hybrid Battery Train, Slashing Carbon Emissions by 83%

Hitachi Rail Debuts First Long-Distance Hybrid Battery Train, Slashing Carbon Emissions by 83%
photo: Hitachi Rail / Public domain/Dubbed the Blues train by Trainitalia
15 / 04 / 2024

Hitachi Rail has unveiled its first long-distance hybrid battery train which will help to cut carbon emissions by 83% when it enters service later this year.

At an event in Reggio Calabria, Trenitalia presented its new hybrid intercity battery train, the first of seven due to be manufactured this year. The trains will run on routes between Calabria, Basilicata, and Puglia, and are part of a wider €1.23bn framework agreement for hybrid battery trains with Trenitalia. The intercity train is an evolution of Hitachi Rail’s Masaccio fleet, which first entered service in serving urban and commuter routes across Italy in December 2022.

The intercity battery train uses innovative hybrid technology allowing it to seamlessly draw from battery, electric, hybrid, and diesel power. The hybrid driving mode allows energy recovery during deceleration and braking and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 83% compared to current diesel-powered trains.

Dubbed the Blues train by Trainitalia / Source: Hitachi Rail / Public domain

The new intercity trains, which are characterized by their own livery and interiors, combine cutting-edge technology with the comfort and travel experience of intercity trains. The fleet is equipped with an innovative air conditioning system that optimizes consumption based on the number of passengers on board enhanced bike stations and substantial luggage transport capacity. The intercity battery train can reach a top speed of 160 km/h with an acceleration of 1.10 m/sec2.

"Our hybrid intercity battery train is a sustainable, innovative train with cutting-edge performance,” says Luca D'Aquila, COO of the Hitachi Rail Group and CEO of Hitachi Rail Italy. “Our train is designed to make journeys even safer, more comfortable, and greener, supporting Trenitalia in its goal of equipping the country with a fleet of modern trains for the benefit of passengers and the environment."


Source: Hitachi Rail Press Releases