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High speed railway: Russia

High speed railway: Russia
photo: Russian Railways/Status of HSR network planned in Russia
16 / 06 / 2021

The concept of high-speed rail network assumes the construction of the lines from Moscow: - northwards to St. Petersburg - southwards to Sochi on the Black Sea - eastwards to the border with Kazakhstan– and westwards to the border with Belarus

The last of these lines is to be a part of the high-speed line from China via Russia to Western Europe which, as mentioned previously could also carry high-speed freight trains (250 - 300 km/h). The first section of the new lines planned from Moscow to Kazan.  The n rail development strategy up to 2030 assumes the construction of high-speed lines (see Figure).

The status of preparatory work

A graphical representation is set out below.

Further projects include new HSL section form Kazan eastwards, from Moscow to Sochi (Adler), and from Moscow to Smolensk and Krasnoye (border RU/BY). The HSL network will be complemented by conventional line modernised to the speed of 160 km/h.

Parameters and location of the lines

Main technical parameters of the high-speed lines planned in Russia are shown in Table and in Figure.