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Helrom Presents Innovative Rail Solution to Cut 11,500 Tons of CO2 for AUDI AG

Helrom Presents Innovative Rail Solution to Cut 11,500 Tons of CO2 for AUDI AG
photo: Astrid Piethan / Helrom / Public domain/Helrom block train
05 / 04 / 2024

With the official launch on April 4, 2024, the first exclusive Helrom block train is set to take off.

After a planning and implementation phase of less than 12 months, Helrom's first exclusive block train commenced operations on April 4 following a festive opening event. The globally patented technology of the Helrom trailer wagon makes it possible to load all types of truck semi-trailers onto a train without special terminals and cranes - a significant step towards more climate-friendly and efficient logistics. In combination with Duvenbeck's sustainable truck drive concepts for pre- and on-carriage, the new connection between Regensburg and Lébény in Hungary will save up to 11,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The new connection is part of AUDI AG's Mission:Zero sustainability strategy and the first realization of barrier-free rail transport of truck semitrailers as an exclusive block train. Audi is thus setting new standards in transport logistics. The Helrom train travels 1,000 km per round trip (Regensburg-Lébény-Regensburg) in just 24 hours. Within these 24 hours, the train travels there and back and the loading and unloading takes place in Regensburg and Lébény.

Each train consists of 18 wagons that can transport 36 trailers. This means that 72 trucks are shifted from road to rail every day from Monday to Friday, resulting in a weekly reduction in truck transport performance of around 185,000 kilometers.

Roman Noack, CEO of Helrom, speaks of a major step for the company and emphasizes the forward-looking nature of the new block train connection: "With our innovative technology, we are overcoming the barriers of previous intermodal transport. By eliminating the need for special terminals for loading semi-trailers, we are integrating ourselves smarter into the supply chains, completely without detours. We are also faster and more reliable than previous intermodal transport. The efficient networking of different technologies and transport routes such as road and rail to form a Physical Internet of Semi-Trailers via Helrom hubs as smart interfaces is key to achieving climate targets in freight transport."

According to Roman Noack, the basis for the successful implementation of this project was above all the good cooperation between all those involved: "The successful start is the result of a shared vision between Audi, Duvenbeck, Helrom and bayernhafen. The project shows that innovative technology makes it possible to harmonize environmentally friendly solutions with economic interests and social concerns."

Dieter Braun, Head of Supply Chain AUDI AG:
"Consistent decarbonization is one of our central challenges in the supply chain. At Audi, we are pursuing a holistic approach to optimizing the logistics processes between our suppliers and our plants. This project shows that we are also integrating innovative and climate-friendly solutions from partners in our supply chain."

Norbert Joichl, COO South/East Duvenbeck:
"Intermodal block train concepts are an important part of our strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. We are delighted to be implementing this project with innovative partners such as Audi and Helrom. In addition to the train handling by Helrom, we will use alternative technologies in the pre- and onward carriage."

Joachim Zimmermann, bayernhafen Managing Director:
"In combined transport today, we mainly see containers. Now we are looking at solutions for the large trailer volumes on continental routes. We are open to all proposed solutions here. With the trailer port, we have set the course for this segment in particular at an early stage."

Source: Helrom Press Releases