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Hamburg-Berlin Line to Undergo Extensive Upgrades in 2024 and 2025

Hamburg-Berlin Line to Undergo Extensive Upgrades in 2024 and 2025
photo: RAILTARGET Archive/Hamburg-Berlin Line to Undergo Extensive Upgrades in 2024 and 2025
12 / 06 / 2023

In 2024, Deutsche Bahn will implement long-term planned investments in the infrastructure on the line between Hamburg and Berlin.

A hundred points, three culverts, and a total of around 74 kilometres of track will be renewed between August 16th and December 14th. The work will mainly take place between Wittenberge and Ludwigslust. Long-distance traffic between Berlin and Hamburg will be diverted during this time, so longer journey times are to be expected. There will also be restrictions on regional and freight traffic in the further course of the route towards Hamburg. DB is currently drawing up specific timetables in consultation with the railway companies. Passengers should benefit from more punctual trains when the construction work is completed. The improvements will also extend to Rostock, as two additional points will eliminate a previous bottleneck at the Hagenow Land branch.

With 230 ICE, regional and goods trains and up to 30,000 passengers per day, the Hamburg-Berlin line is one of the most vital direct city connections in Germany. The high capacity utilisation has put a lot of strain on the points, tracks and overhead line systems in recent years. The work in the coming year is necessary so that trains can continue to run at full speed and there are fewer disruptions to the infrastructure.

From June 6th to December 13th, 2025, DB will upgrade the Berlin-Hamburg line to a high-performance corridor. Numerous long-term construction measures will be bundled for this purpose. In this way, DB will avoid many closures in the following years.

DB has intensively examined whether the construction measures of 2024 can be postponed and bundled with the general renovation of 2025. However, there are clear deadlines for the maintenance of the infrastructure. Therefore, the construction measures must take place in the coming year. DB asks passengers and freight customers for their understanding of the unfortunately unavoidable restrictions.

Source: Deutsche Bahn