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Grimshaw Architects will design the new Budapest Nyugati Railway Station

Grimshaw Architects will design the new Budapest Nyugati Railway Station
photo: Architects will design the new Budapest Nyugati Railway Station
31 / 03 / 2022

Grimshaw Architects, a London-based team, has won an international competition to renovate and modernize the historic Nyugati Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary, into a two-story terminal for trains of the new era of European railroads. It is needed for commuter and long-distance trains, which the currently overloaded rail network is unable to accommodate, as well as for a new connection to the airport, which will double the station capacity.

It is planned to move eight tracks underground, allowing the station to serve the Danube railway tunnel that receives trains from Buda. A new train hall will be built on the site, and the road bridge and surface parking will be eliminated to create a pedestrian plaza and green areas.

The Grimshaw concept will increase the frequency of trains, the quality of connections and services in general. The station will be able to accommodate about 300,000 passengers a day. In addition, the modernization affects not only the station but also the surrounding neighbourhoods, which, at this time, are in decay. We are talking about the Rákosrendező region and the rust belt of the railroad, which the architects will redevelop by creating a linear public park connecting Nagykörút with Városliget. The recreational space will run along Podmaniczky Street, connecting City Park and the Nagykörút with a green corridor with 17 hectares of recreation areas and sports fields.

The competition for the architectural design of the Nyugati station was launched by the Budapest Development Agency (BFK) in October 2021. It was done to increase the station capacity and develop a modern transportation hub.


The project is part of the Budapest commuter rail hub strategy approved by the Hungarian government in December 2021. Its cost is estimated at EUR 10 billion.


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