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GREAT NEWS: Siemens Electric Machines plant in Drásov opens new production hall

GREAT NEWS: Siemens Electric Machines plant in Drásov opens new production hall
photo: Siemens Česká Republica/GREAT NEWS: Siemens Electric Machines plant in Drásov opens new production hall
22 / 06 / 2022

On Friday, 17 June 2022, the newly built production hall of the heavy winder was inaugurated at the Siemens Electric Machines Drásov production plant. The 2,100 m2 hall will enable the production of large stators and rotors weighing up to 70 tonnes. The total production area of the plant has thus increased to 19,135 m2.

At twenty-one metres, the new hall is the tallest building in Drásov. The hall houses the vacuum impregnation plant, modern Vacuum Pressure Impregnation technology, which is often referred to as the VPI process. By impregnating in a vacuum, the windings acquire better properties, such as higher dielectric strength, increased mechanical strength, and excellent protection against water and chemical ingress ensuring a longer and maintenance-free machine life.

 Siemens Česká Republica

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new hall was attended by Hermann Kleinod, CEO of Siemens LDA, Peter Knez, Global Manufacturing Director of Siemens LDA, Eduard Palíšek, CEO of Siemens Czech Republic, the Mayor of Drásov, Martina Bočková, and Siemens Electric Machines Plant Director, Libor Mezník. "We must bring technologically advanced production with high added value to the Czech Republic," said Eduard Palíšek. "In the 110 years of the existence of the plant in Drásov, we have proved that we have great people who can produce equipment at a world-class technological level," added Libor Mezník.

 Siemens Česká Republica

Unique impregnation technology

The VPI technology has four phases. In the first one, the so-called dry vacuum, the pre-dried machine is transferred from the 8.5 m high furnace to the boiler vessel, where the air is sucked out. In the next stage, the boiler vessel is filled with impregnating resin. It is followed by a pressurisation phase, where the boiler space is pressurised, and the insulation is impregnated with resin. In the last stage, curing, the resin is drained from the boiler into a storage tank, and the machine or bundle is removed from the boiler and left in the oven to cure.

 Siemens Česká Republica

The construction of the hall and the installation of the technology were completed on schedule. The technologies housed in the new hall will be fully operational in the coming weeks.

 Siemens Česká Republica


Source: Siemens Česká Republica Press Releases


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