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GATX Rail Europe Leads the Charge in Rail Safety Enhancements

GATX Rail Europe Leads the Charge in Rail Safety Enhancements
photo: GATX Rail Europe/GATX Rail Europe Leads the Charge in Rail Safety Enhancements
16 / 08 / 2023

GATX Rail Europe, a prominent member of the VPI - the association representing private freight wagon and workshop owners - has made significant strides in enhancing safety standards, particularly in workshops. Actively participating in the VPI working group, the organization played an instrumental role in the formulation of the EMG II guideline, which seeks to elevate safety standards. Furthermore, the working group deliberated over specialized solutions to bolster the safety of operators working on railcars.

Prior to this initiative, the rail industry lacked a comprehensive solution to ensure the safety of personnel working on standalone railcars. Recognizing this gap, GATX Rail Europe championed the need for a dedicated safety system or equipment. As a result, a consulting firm crafted a novel safety solution that received the approval of TÜV Austria. The innovative safety system is distinguished by its adjustable lanyard, which links the safety harness to the railings. This design adjustment was imperative as the previous lanyards weren't compliant with the legal specifications tailored for rail freight cars.

GATX Rail Europe has not only procured this state-of-the-art equipment and obtained the requisite approvals but has also initiated comprehensive height safety training sessions. These training programs, hosted in Hanover in May and Linz in June, were attended by 30 employees hailing from diverse domains, including maintenance, quality assurance, and project management. This comprehensive training encompassed both theoretical instruction and practical demonstrations, highlighted by safety drills and rescue operations performed on the railcar.

Elevating safety standards, especially for tasks conducted outdoors, is paramount in averting workplace mishaps. GATX Rail Europe remains resolutely committed to fortifying safety measures to mitigate potential risks in daily operations, thereby safeguarding its workforce's well-being. The firm's vision for the future revolves around consistently innovating and introducing new training modules to amplify safety protocols. This steadfast commitment underscores GATX Rail Europe's dedication to making railcar operations as secure as feasible.