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Future of Đuro Đaković Montage

Future of Đuro Đaković Montage
photo: Đuro Đaković/Đuro Đaković
09 / 11 / 2021

A young, educated staff is essential for the survival and development of any company. In Đuro Đaković Montaža, located at Slavonski Brod, on the anniversary of the company´s existence, and the century of metal production in the city, the company has dedicated several projects to cooperation with the local community and the education system. This is how the exhibition about the company's history was created.

All photos at the exhibition are about 95 years of Montage - the collective work of students of the ship's Industrial and Craft School.
One black and white photo from the production hall was recognized as the best one by the company's management, and the author received an award for it.

"I plan to open my studio. It may take a couple of years to work with someone like this, but the plan is to open your studio", points out the author of the award-winning photo, Gabriel Marek.

"In Đuro Đaković Montaža and Đuro Đaković in general, they practice practical classes in industrial occupations, and now we have found ways for photographers to contribute to this celebration", says Marta Živatović, from the School of Industry and Crafts.

It will also be applied to inspire young people to apply for metalworking jobs and jobs in the STEM area, securing many generations of motivated workers

"To get new capacities, new forces, new young people who will stay in the World Bank to live and work", points out the co-owner Đuro Đaković Montaža Darko Katić.

"Our future ties to the staff we currently have and will have in the future that we receive from local educational institutions", says Drago Cugura, CEO Djuro Djakovic Montage.

The company faces many new challenges, so cooperation with the economy means a lot to them.

"It stands in one keyword called Industry 4.0. It is an industry that connects mechanical engineering, electrical engineering of computer science, informatics, etc. That by cooperating with the metal industry we try to improve that industry in terms of increasing productivity, through automation and various other processes," stated the director of the Technical School Slavonski Brod Vikica Lukić.

In the beginning, the components of Đuro Đaković - Montaža built many bridges and connected people all over the world. And now, they are among the leaders in the assembly of industrial plants and the local community as an innovative partner and driver of positive transformations.