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From Czech Republic to Ukraine: Six Donated Trams Cross the Border

From Czech Republic to Ukraine: Six Donated Trams Cross the Border
photo: SDP ČR / Public domain/T6A5 tram
21 / 12 / 2023

The first six trams departed for the Ukrainian city of Konotop from Ostrava, Czech Republic over the weekend.

In the following weeks, the trams will be transported in batches of six. Loading one tram takes about two hours, and due to the height of the tram, components like the pantographs have already been dismantled.

"All donated trams have already fulfilled their historical role in Ostrava. As part of our strategy of targeted and concentrated assistance to the Ukrainian city of Konotop, we are pleased that, through technical cooperation, we can contribute to the restoration of tram traffic where it is needed," says Daniel Morys, Chairman of the Board and CEO of DPO (Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s.).

"We will use the trams to restore and strengthen tram traffic in the city. We aim to use them to intensify transport on main routes. We are grateful that in this difficult time for us, there are people with big hearts who want to help. The citizens of our city will appreciate this assistance the most. We thank you on their behalf," adds Artem Semenikhin, mayor of Konotop. The trams will be transported on trucks, secured by the Ukrainian side thanks to a financial contribution from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic amounting to 3 million crowns.

MHD Ostrava / Public domain

"We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that the Czech Republic continues to help Ukraine during these difficult times. The donation of trams is valuable, among other reasons, because it not only helps with the restoration of the damaged vehicle fleet but also serves as an effective way to promote Czech products and companies. This could provide them with a favorable starting position in the country's reconstruction after the conflict ends," said Kateřina Sequensová, senior director of the non-European section of the project countries, economic and development cooperation.

"The city of Ostrava has become a partner city to the Ukrainian Konotop. In addition to 25 trams, we previously donated a total of 10 buses and humanitarian aid to the citizens of Konotop, who are grappling with the consequences of the war. Thanks to donations from Ostrava, the city's public transport can continue to function," adds Břetislav Riger, deputy mayor for transport.

The last trams are expected to leave Ostrava by the end of January 2024. Soon after, depending on the current situation at the border, they will all arrive in Ukraine. They will then be put into operation there only after the necessary technical modifications, such as adapting the chassis to a different track gauge.


Source: The Association of Transport Companies of the Czech Republic