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Former engineers of SpaceX in the project of autonomous battery-electric rail vehicles. There are tens of millions of dollars at stake

Former engineers of SpaceX in the project of autonomous battery-electric rail vehicles. There are tens of millions of dollars at stake
photo: Archives/Former engineers of SpaceX collected $49.55 Million for Autonomous Battery-Electric Rail Vehicles
28 / 01 / 2022

Parallel's patented architecture combines innovative software and hardware with the historic railway industry to increase today's railways—the company's autonomous battery-electric rail vehicles load and transport standard shipping containers as single or double-stacked cargo. Rail cars, which are powered separately, can come together to form a "platoon" or split into multiple destinations along the way.

The closed railway network is ideal for the safe and timely commercialization of autonomous technology due to the limited number of tracks. and centralized traffic management. Railway vehicles are more flexible than traditional trains. Unlike conventional freight trains, parallel squads do not need to accumulate large amounts of cargo to service, allowing for a faster response to needs and a more comprehensive range of routes. It significantly reduces the waiting times associated with loading trains several kilometers long. The site can support services at various distances, from the city to the entire country. The unique architecture of the Parallel system also makes it possible to bypass congested switching stations, which in the past got used for manually sorting and stacking loads on secondary trains - saving hours or even days of transit time. The almost continuous flow of containers through terminals results in greater asset utilization, faster delivery times, and higher quality of service.

In parallel, a cleaner and safer railway system gets built using automated zero-emission technology. The company's freight solution is even more energy-efficient than freight trains. Because it is lighter and more aerodynamic. The patented platoon technology includes self-propelled rail cars that push and distribute the aerodynamic load. Parallel trucks consume only 25% of energy compared to a semi-trailer and offer the lowest operating costs of all land freight modes. Less energy means fewer batteries, less grid load, and lower charging infrastructure costs.

Parallel Systems are changing the way we look at the historic railway industry with innovative software and hardware. The company was founded in 2020 by a group of former SpaceX engineers and created. Autonomous battery-powered electric rail vehicles transport freight cleaner, faster, safer, and more expensive. More efficiently than traditional trains or lorries. The company's goal is to increase the use of today's rail network by transferring $ 700 billion worth of US freight to rail. It is the decarbonization of freight transport by building a cleaner and automated rail transport of the future. The company is headquartered in Culver City, California, and has Palo Alto.