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Fit for the Koralm Railway: ÖBB announces that the Rebuilt Puntigam Station goes into operation

Fit for the Koralm Railway: ÖBB announces that the Rebuilt Puntigam Station goes into operation
photo: Chris Zenz / ÖBB/Fit for the Koralm Railway: ÖBB announces that the Rebuilt Puntigam Station goes into operation
22 / 07 / 2022

The Puntigam station was rebuilt over about 18 months - during ongoing rail operations to keep restrictions to a minimum. The work was necessitated by the Koralm Railway construction in the home stretch. In the future, there will not only be two additional platforms here but with the new Koralm Railway between Graz and Klagenfurt, there will also be significantly more passengers who can travel in an environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable way. For this reason, a second island platform with a length of 220 meters was built. In addition, overhead lines were adapted, and a new staircase, including an elevator, was installed. As a result, Puntigam station is now 100 per cent barrier-free - like all stops along the future Koralm Railway.

ÖBB's Klaus Schneider emphasized the meticulous timing of Puntigam station's conversion, which is part of the larger Koralm Railway project. The station's renovation poses a logistical challenge, but the complex system of every station, track, and cable ultimately contributes to sustainable mobility for future generations.

Transport Officer and Deputy Governor Anton Lang: "The reconstruction of Puntigam station is another milestone of the Koralm Railway - one of the most important infrastructure projects in the country. The region and many connections along the entire southern route will benefit enormously. Every step there is an important step. And passengers are already benefiting from another modern transport station in the state capital."

ÖBB / Chris Zenz

Councillor Manfred Eber: "With the Koralm Railway, Graz is once again gaining in importance as a hub. It is welcome that the smaller stops along the line are also being modernized so that even more travellers and commuters will be able to discover the advantages of the railroad for themselves. Puntigam station is also an important piece of the puzzle for the S-Bahn network in Graz, which is to be expanded even further in the future."

At a glance, the Koralm Railway project involves 130 kilometers of new track, including 47 kilometers of tunnels, over 100 bridges, and 23 modern stations and stops, making it one of the most critical infrastructure projects in Europe. The 33-kilometer Koralm Tunnel is the central feature of the project, which, once finished, will shorten the fastest connection between Graz and Klagenfurt to just 45 minutes.

For those interested, a Koralm Railway Infobox has been set up near the construction site at Graz Airport, providing a multimedia exhibition that explains technical details, regional peculiarities, local traffic concepts, and construction progress throughout the project.