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EXCITING: PKP Intercity announces tender for new timetable management system

EXCITING: PKP Intercity announces tender for new timetable management system
photo: PKP Intercity/EXCITING: PKP Intercity announces tender for new timetable management system
16 / 08 / 2022

PKP Intercity has announced a tender for a timetable planning and management system. The new system implementation will allow the optimisation of the entire process within the company, which will translate into a further improvement in the quality of services offered by the carrier.

According to the plans, in 2030, PKP Intercity will run approximately twice as many trains as today. The company estimates that operational work is expected to increase by that time from approximately 64.5 million train kilometres recorded today to a level of about 113.2 million train kilometres per year. Looking ahead to 2030, PKP Intercity plans to provide passengers with a transparent, repeatable timetable ensuring a stable and predictable offering. It will be helped by the implementation of a new timetable planning and operating system, for the purchase of which PKP Intercity has just announced a tender.

The new system will consist of several parts. It will make it possible to create timetables from different perspectives and prepare information for passengers. No less crucial parts concern the circulation of the carrier's timetable and communication between systems, including with foreign systems. The new IT tool will also improve the flow of information within the company and the use of timetable data. The system will be used by employees of various organisational units of PKP Intercity, who are jointly responsible for designing and implementing the timetable.

The contract includes the preparation of process analyses and, on their basis, the creation of a concept and implementation of the system. The solution provider selected in the tender will also be responsible for training the various groups of employees who will use the new IT solution.

"In implementing the investment strategy, we are planning extensive purchases and modernisation of the rolling stock. In doing so, we cannot forget about efficient and modern tools to make the best use of them. The new system is not only a big step towards implementing the strategy, but also optimises processes in the company and provides our specialists with a new, convenient working tool," emphasises Marek Chraniuk, President of the Management Board of PKP Intercity.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases