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EXCITING: Mermec Saves Ferrosud Plant by Investing EUR 40 million

EXCITING: Mermec Saves Ferrosud Plant by Investing EUR 40 million
photo: La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno/Mermec Saves Ferrosud Plant by Investing EUR 40 million
24 / 11 / 2022

Mermec, a company that specializes in advanced technologies for rail transport, is set to invest EUR 40 million in producing electric diagnostic trains capable of reaching 200 kilometers per hour through the power grid and 120 kilometers per hour on battery power.

The production will take place at the Ferrosud plant in Matera, which Mermec plans to acquire. The factory was previously one of the symbolic factories of the industry of the city, exporting technologies and carriers all over the world before entering the tunnel of crisis with the turnover of numerous entrepreneurial entities.

The sale of the business complexes of the Matera plant in favor of Mermec was authorized last July by the Mise, and the feasibility of the proposals put forward by the Basilicata Region will be evaluated on November 9. The agreement will involve safeguarding the employment levels of Ferrosud's current 65 employees, a principle that is inescapable for the unions. The union agreements need to be ratified and taken over without reservations and conditions by Mermec for the workers to start the professional retraining program. Additionally, the company plans to immediately hire eight employees and another 70 by 2025. The proposal for vocational training measures to qualify and retrain the staff hired will also be evaluated.