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EXCITING: HVLE board member Ludolf Kerkeling awarded for EURODUAL

EXCITING: HVLE board member Ludolf Kerkeling awarded for EURODUAL
photo: Stadler/HVLE board member Ludolf Kerkeling awarded for EURODUAL
18 / 10 / 2022

The board member of Havelländische Eisenbahn (HVLE), Ludolf Kerkeling, has been awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany for his services to climate-friendly rail transport. HVLE was the first rail transport company to put the first dual-mode locomotive into service together with Stadler.

Havelländische Eisenbahn and Stadler shared the vision of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly freight transport that goes beyond the last mile at an early stage. The order placed in 2017 for the development and delivery of ten bimodal six-axle high-performance locomotives for freight transport in Germany laid the foundation for the successful collaboration. With the EURODUAL, a powerful locomotive was presented at Innotrans 2018 together with HVLE, which was precisely designed to pass through the European corridors characterized by mixed traffic at high speed and maximum energy efficiency. State-of-the-art adhesion control systems and a tractive force of up to 500 kN enable the largest towing capacity on the European market. The six-axle dual-mode locomotives are called upon at HVLE - among other things, on the steepest public freight line in Europe between Blankenburg and Rübeland. There, the goods trains weighing up to 1,650 tonnes have to cope with a gradient of over 60 per mille.

The powerful EURODUAL has been operating at HVLE since the spring of 2020. Thanks to its fully bimodal drive, the locomotive generates over 6,000 kW in electric mode and up to 2,800 kW in diesel-electric mode. It saves fuel and significantly improves the CO2 balance, while still providing high performance and running at up to120 km/h. Diesel is not a requirement here, as the engines of the EURODUAL can equally be operated with alternative fuels where electric traction is not possible due to the lack of an overhead line.

"Of course, we would prefer to run entirely on electricity, and that should come entirely from renewable energies. Until the lines are electrified, the freight railways still want to grow and shift traffic, which is why such a versatile locomotive is not only well received by us in the company," explained Ludolf Kerkeling on the occasion of his award of the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon by Dietmar Woidke, Minister President of Brandenburg, in Potsdam.

"We warmly congratulate Ludolf Kerkeling on being awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon for his services to climate-friendly rail transport. We thank Ludolf Kerkeling and Martin Wischner, as well as the entire team of HVLE, for their pioneering spirit shared with us and their trust in Stadler. With the idea of the EURODUAL, we were able to implement a concept of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient six-axle powered freight transport together with HVLE as the first client," says Ansgar Brockmeyer, EVP Sales, and Marketing at Stadler.

Since the successful first cooperation with HVLE, Stadler has so far sold over 100 EURODUALs in Europe. With over 100 multiple units with alternative drive systems also sold, Stadler is the market leader in environmentally friendly traction with alternative drive systems on the rail in passenger and freight transport.


Source: Stadler Press Releases