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EXCITING: Deutsche Bahn Launches Major Infrastructure Overhaul with DB InfraGO AG

EXCITING: Deutsche Bahn Launches Major Infrastructure Overhaul with DB InfraGO AG
photo: Volker Emersleben / Deutsche Bahn AG / Public domain/DB InfraGO AG
23 / 01 / 2024

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has set to revolutionize Germany's railway infrastructure with the formation of DB InfraGO AG, unveiled at a prominent event in Berlin's Futurium.

Attended by 300 guests from political, rail, and construction sectors, this initiative aims to enhance the quality, capacity, and reliability of rail operations. DB InfraGO AG, the merger of DB Netz AG and DB Station&Service AG, represents the largest refurbishment and modernization program in DB's history, with funding already in place for 2024 and 2025. Key focus areas include a comprehensive renovation of over 4,000 kilometers of highly congested tracks, modernization of the surface network, and transformation of stations into future-ready mobility hubs.

According to DB, DB InfraGO AG will refurbish existing infrastructure and digitize numerous lines by 2030, significantly enhancing network capacity. The company plans to introduce more transfer points, increase train overtaking opportunities, and reduce block spacing with additional signals. It is also set to construct new service facilities for train preparation and post-processing, along with expanding existing ones.

"We are experiencing the greatest turning point for the railroads in Germany since the railroad reform," says Dr. Richard Lutz, Chairman of the DB Management Board. "This is the decisive prerequisite for achieving the transport policy goals and bringing more quality and stability back into the system."