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EXCITING: Ambrogio Intermodal Boosts Sustainable Transport with New Terminal in Domegliara

EXCITING: Ambrogio Intermodal Boosts Sustainable Transport with New Terminal in Domegliara
photo: Intermodal Boosts Sustainable Transport with New Terminal in Domegliara
19 / 06 / 2023

Ambrogio Intermodal, a leading player in combined goods transport in Europe, has announced the inauguration of its new terminal in Domegliara, Italy. With the first train headed to Germany marking the terminal's operational status, this development comes as a significant boost to sustainable transport in the region. Strategically located along the north-south European axis, the Domegliara terminal is expected to fortify intermodal road-rail connections via the Brenner Pass, catering to the escalating demand for eco-friendly transport across Europe.

The terminal establishes an intermodal link with Neuss, Germany, featuring three weekly departures in each direction. This connection serves northeastern Italy, Germany’s Ruhr area, and the Benelux, enhancing connectivity and trade. Spread across a sprawling 110,000 square meters, Domegliara terminal becomes Ambrogio Group’s largest in Europe by surface area and marks its seventh in Europe and third in Italy, after Candiolo and Gallarate.

The Domegliara terminal is equipped with three tracks each measuring up to 700 meters in length, an administrative building, and an apron. Additionally, a gantry crane bolstered by two reach stackers is installed to manage loading units. Ambrogio Intermodal has plans to expand the terminal further, with additional tracks and the construction of a warehouse. These developments will be aligned with customer needs and market trends.

With over twelve million euros invested in the new facility, the president of the Ambrogio Group, Livio Ambrogio, expressed pride in achieving this milestone, which evolved from an idea during the pandemic to an operational terminal within a year. The terminal stands testament to Ambrogio Intermodal’s commitment to supporting the European Green Deal’s objectives, which necessitate substantial investment in infrastructure and swift action for transitioning traffic from road to rail.

Ambrogio Intermodal, founded in 1969 by Domenico Ambrogio, continues to be at the forefront of combined goods transport in Europe, with 250 employees and an annual turnover of 98 million euros. The new terminal at Domegliara underscores the company’s dedication to enhancing sustainable transport options, thus contributing positively to environmental sustainability in the region.