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EXCITING: Alstom and Transdev Unveil New Omneo Train for Marseille-Toulon-Nice Route

EXCITING: Alstom and Transdev Unveil New Omneo Train for Marseille-Toulon-Nice Route
photo: Samuel Dhote / Alstom, Public domain/Omneo Sud
27 / 11 / 2023

The first Omneo Sud train, recently introduced by Alstom, Transdev and the ‘Sud’ Region, is to operate on the first regional line open to competition in France, between Marseille, Toulon and Nice.

Alstom and Transdev have introduced the first Omneo train for the Marseille-Toulon-Nice line. It is set to undergo dynamic overspeed tests in the Czech Republic before entering pre-operational service in the Sud Region. This initiative forms part of the historic 2021 contract awarded to Transdev for operating trains on this crucial route, highlighting a shift in the competitive landscape of French regional train services.

The partnership between Transdev and Alstom represents a leap forward in regional mobility, with Alstom providing 16 double-decker Omneo 8-car trains, valued at approximately EUR 250 million, including a decade-long maintenance service. According to Alstom, these trains feature innovative designs (e.g. convivial snack areas, bicycle spaces, and new onboard services) and align with Transdev's operational needs and the Sud Region's service expectations as the spacious, 110-meter-long trains offer a capacity of 401 seats allow coupling two trainsets to accommodate more passengers.

Alstom / Public domain

“We’re proud to be involved in setting up the first concession for a French regional line with Transdev. Today we have presented a proven, comfortable train, capable of running at 200 kph, to serve the mobility of all passengers. We will also provide maintenance support and thus contribute to the long-term operational efficiency of the trains”, said Olivier Delecroix, Vice-President Marketing & Sales, Alstom France, adding: “This train has been awarded the Origine France Garantie label. This is recognition of the expertise of the employees at the Crespin site and proof of our commitment to our customers, passengers and the entire French rail industry”.