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EVM Rail: The latest generation of electric and diesel locomotives and cooperation with Captrain Italia

EVM Rail: The latest generation of electric and diesel locomotives and cooperation with Captrain Italia
photo: EVM Rail press materials/EVM Rail
01 / 06 / 2021

EVM Rail is a relatively young and ambitious railway company operating in northern Italy using the latest generation of electric and diesel locomotives which develops and promotes rail services and explores new rail transport solutions to offer its customers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to other modes of transport, such as road transport.

The company is a purposeful and highly specialized railway company in the use of complete traditional trains carrying goods represented mainly by raw materials (such as cereals, iron, etc.), without excluding the possibility of intermodal transport of combined transport units (containers)., road semi-trailers, etc.).

Thanks to the many years of experience of its highly professional railway experts, in addition to rail traction, can offer its customers a full service of termination, shunting, and consulting services in search of new synergies and innovative solutions.

Now EVM Rail is operating meanly 1 roundtrip/day of long-distance (around 750 km go and 750 km back), heavy (around 2200 tons) trains. The trips are all international (mainly entering Italy through the border station of Villa Opicina from East of Europe, around 2 trains/months from Tarvisio B.V.)

The company is operating with a fleet of around 5000 potential wagons, at disposal of its customers, used in "exchange regime" according to GCU, and also with a fleet of 4 locomotives (3 of "national" Siemens Vectron E191 electric locos and 1 CZ Loko Effishunter 1000 D744 diesel loco).

In the near future, the company`s fleet will increase with 4 Vectrons (2 E191 and 2 interoperable E193 DAI East).

Two more diesel locos D744 have been already taken and are expected for delivery in July.

EVM Rail continuously is hiring and training new specialists.

a new training course of 5 drivers is being done in May, and a training course of other 8 train preparers will be done in June. This will allow the company to start with a new transport connection (in cooperation with Captrain Italia Srl) from Domodossola (coming from France) in the second part of 2021.