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Eurowagon decides to use Nexxiot digital technology

Eurowagon decides to use Nexxiot digital technology
photo: Eurowagon /Eurowagon decides to use Nexxiot digital technology
16 / 08 / 2021

Thea Swiss company Nexxiot has started cooperation under which they will equip the polish Eurowagon fleet with Nexxiot products. Nexxiot hardware and software solutions will contribute to the transparency and safety of the Eurowagon fleet and its cargo.

Transparency and security on rail are trending topics that are currently of great importance to all companies operating on the rail around the world. While other companies are still hesitating due to historical or corporate decisions, Eurowagon's youthful agility enables them to adopt the latest technological innovations to stay competitive. The gateway devices used to equip Eurowagon's non-powered freight wagons, called Globehoppers, deliver data in near real-time. This data allows decision-makers to gain full visibility and transparency into their daily operations.

"We are free from legacy issues because we are able to take a 'greenfield' approach and ensure digital readiness from day one. We respond to the needs of our customers and stay ahead of any trend in the industry. By 2026, we will increase our fleet to 4,500 wagons, becoming the largest professional rolling stock company for the rental of rail freight wagons in Central and Eastern Europe. To achieve this, we strive to integrate the latest technologies and ideas into the company now to offer our clients the best possible service," says Marek Gołębiewski, Technical Director at Eurowagon, who strongly supports the current cooperation with Nexxiot.

Especially regarding fleet safety, Eurowagon expects technology to add significant value. "We use the Nexxiot product to supervise the planning of periodic repairs and prevent potentially dangerous situations through continuous monitoring our fleet. Particularly in the rare cases where unplanned incidents occur, real-time notifications via the Nexxiot intelligent cloud are a great advantage. We are able to quickly pinpoint exactly where and when the event occurred, and which wagons were affected and how severely due to in-depth shock analytics. The data insights also help us speed up the regulatory processes required to investigate how the event happened because now we have the tools to prove exactly when the incident occurred and how big the impact on the equipment was, We are pleased with Nexxiot's openness to derive significant experience and adapt the product to our individual needs," Marek Gołębiewski went on to say.

Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund sees a special correlation between transparency and security: "Security has a lot to do with trust. Nowadays, digital solutions that create transparency in operations allow companies to provide their clients with all the relevant insights and proof of 'duty of care. Together with the team at Eurowagon, we are able to explore the specific needs of the Polish market and collaborate in finding the perfect customized solution for the company. In the process of working together, we found that Nexxiot and Eurowagon are a natural fit because progressive thinking around data-driven innovation is a priority in both companies."