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Estonia's Rail Baltica Project Moves Forward with Key Section in Rapla County

Estonia's Rail Baltica Project Moves Forward with Key Section in Rapla County
photo: Rail Baltica / Public domain/Veiko Veskimäe and Anvar Salomets
23 / 02 / 2024

Rail Baltica Estonia has taken a significant leap forward in the development of the Rail Baltica mainline, a key component of the European railway network, by awarding construction contracts valued at EUR 107 million.

Verston OÜ and Järelpinge Inseneribüroo OÜ are set to commence the construction of a vital section of the railway in Rapla County, covering the municipalities of Kohila and Rapla. This new development follows the first construction contract for the Rail Baltica mainline in Harju County, marking a steady advance into Rapla County. The construction is part of a plan to connect Estonia more efficiently to the rest of Europe, enhancing both passenger and freight mobility.

Rail Baltica / Public domain

Anvar Salomets, CEO of Rail Baltic Estonia, highlighted the project's importance, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to deepen the railway's integration across the Baltic region and its vital role in enhancing the area's connectivity with Europe. "The construction contracts signed today in Kohila municipality, covering over 16 kilometers of mainline construction, represent a significant milestone, showcasing the increasing maturity of our railway development," said Salomets, adding, "It is also gratifying to witness the sustained interest of our construction companies in participating in Rail Baltica tenders, with competition remaining fierce. This year, we anticipate finalizing contracts or even commencing actual construction activities on approximately 50 kilometers of the Rail Baltica mainline in Estonia.”

Veiko Veskimäe, Chairman of Verston, underscored the project's strategic significance, especially in light of current geopolitical tensions, stressing the importance of reinforcing connections with European partners. The Rail Baltica project is seen as a cornerstone for economic stimulation and future competitiveness, providing essential infrastructure that prioritizes environmental considerations and robust connectivity.

According to Rail Baltica, the initial phase in Rapla County will include constructing a 9.4-kilometer railway embankment and seven major structures, laying the groundwork for the Kohila local station, and enhancing the rail network's capacity and reliability. The project is financed 85% by the Connecting Europe Facility and is slated for completion by autumn 2027.