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ERRAC launches Manifesto of Future Mobility: All you need to know

ERRAC launches Manifesto of Future Mobility: All you need to know
photo: ERRAC/ERRAC launches Manifesto of Future Mobility: All you need to know
09 / 06 / 2022

Rail transport is a crucial component in keeping our cities and regions moving. Not only does it provide a safe and sustainable mode of transportation, but it also fosters economic development, creates employment opportunities, and connects people and places. In order to address some of the most pressing issues facing our world today, such as traffic congestion, harmful emissions, and road accidents, modern railway systems should be positioned as the core of a multi-modal mobility approach.

To underscore the pivotal role of rail in our mobility system, ERRAC has launched the Manifesto of Future Mobility. This manifesto highlights the significant advantages of rail and stresses the importance of exploiting the potential of new technological advancements to offer more appealing and cost-effective services to passengers and freight customers. The goal of the manifesto is to encourage European policymakers, regulators, and governments to acknowledge the crucial role of railways in the overall transportation mix: without railways, there is no sustainable future. By nurturing and investing in research and innovation, we can unleash the rail sector's innovative potential and move towards a more sustainable Europe.

According to Roland Moser, the Chair of ERRAC, "Railways are a vital part of the solution to major societal and environmental problems such as road congestion and climate change. Besides that, the rail sector has undergone a massive digital transformation over the past decade, making it one of the most comfortable and sustainable ways to travel, whether in cities or long distances. To unleash rail's crucial potential towards a greener future, policymakers and governments must foster and invest in continuous research and innovation in the rail sector."

You can find the whole manifesto here.