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ERMEWA, INVEHO and RAILENIUM Launch Innovation Project M4.0

ERMEWA, INVEHO and RAILENIUM Launch Innovation Project M4.0
photo: ERMEWA SA/From left to right: Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director ERMEWA SA, Julien Mathiaud, Managing Director INVEHO, Bertrand Minary, CEO IRT Railenium
24 / 01 / 2023

Wagon keeper ERMEWA SA, workshop and wagon builder INVEHO and the leading French research institute for railway technology IRT RAILENIUM have set up their joint research and innovation project Maintenance 4.0 (M4.0). With the M4.0 project, three leading players in rail freight transport have set themselves the goal of advancing condition-based and predictive maintenance. The contract was signed at InnoTrans in Berlin last September. The teams of experts have started to work on the first research packages.

Improving safety, reliability, and availability of rolling stock through efficient processes is the overriding goal of this innovation project. The focus is on substantially cutting the TurnAround Time (TaT), meaning the period between a wagon is taken out and reintegrated into the transport process. Reducing this TaT will contribute significantly to boosting the operational efficiency of rail freight supply chains.

The collaborative approach to maintenance between practitioners from the industry and scientists is unique to date. In jointly defined work packages, the partners involved will bring together knowledge and experience from practice and academic research work. They deal with topics such as energy management, data acquisition, definition and testing of wear models, failure scenarios and testing.

The project will make an important contribution to increasing efficiency in rail freight transport. It thus fits perfectly with the sector's goals in Europe: to double rail freight's share of traffic to 30 percent by 2030. The climate targets of the European Green Deal cannot be achieved without this shift to rail.

"Forward-looking and predictive maintenance are key to noticeably improving the performance of rolling stock. We are excited to bring our practical perspective to the new and unique Maintenance 4.0 collaboration project. Together we will develop strong solutions that will tangibly strengthen the sector," says Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director ERMEWA SA and Olivier Piana, Chief Technical Officer, who is leading the project for ERMEWA SA.

“Deploying condition-based and predictive maintenance will lead us to a better planning of the maintenance operations to be performed. This new maintenance organization, as opposed to traditional preventive or curative maintenance, will certainly leads us to better prepare our workshops in drawing up their workload plans; it will also lead to an increase in the proportion of mobile maintenance operations through better anticipation, making the accuracy of operations more effective”, underlines Julien Mathiaud, Managing Director INVEHO.

"Railenium is proud to carry out this ambitious innovation project in collaboration with Ermewa and Inveho. This project will enable Railenium to provide solutions to the professions and to everyday users. To do so, we will have to identify and better understand the laws of wear and tear of freight wagons and their main components, relying in particular on our expertise in energy management as well as in data mining and artificial intelligence. These skills are a core factor to improve the performance, safety, and reliability of freight wagons by developing condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance”, states Bertrand Minary, CEO IRT Railenium.

Source: ERMEWA SA Press Releases