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Enhanced Connectivity and Infrastructure for Maria Anzbach Railroad Area

Enhanced Connectivity and Infrastructure for Maria Anzbach Railroad Area
photo: ÖBB_Feuchtenhofer/Enhanced Connectivity and Infrastructure for Maria Anzbach Railroad Area
27 / 03 / 2023

Work on the new sidewalk and bike path along the railroad in Maria Anzbach is in full swing. The new connection between Hofstatt, Maria Anzbach and Unter Oberndorf will be completed by fall 2023. Work on the new Maria Anzbach train station will start in early 2024.

The new, three-meter-wide sidewalk and bike path will run south of the railroad and make the route from the districts of Hofstatt and Unter Oberndorf to the new Maria Anzbach train station significantly shorter and safer for pedestrians and cyclists. In part, existing paths and roads will be used for this purpose, such as Klein-Weinbergstraße or Kronesstraße. Where necessary, the largely asphalted path along the railroad will be rebuilt.


Work on a new station to start in early 2024

With the construction of the new sidewalk and bike path, ÖBB is taking the first important step towards being able to start the main work for the new Maria Anzbach station in February 2024. It will be rebuilt around 270 meters further east - in the direction of Maierhöfen - and will be barrier-free, with a pedestrian passage and two elevators.

Extensive parking facilities for cars and bicycles around the new station

To make it as easy as possible to switch to the environmentally friendly train, a new Park&Ride facility for around 50 cars and a Bike&Ride facility with 24 covered two-bike parking spaces are planned on the north side of the railroad. The access road will branch off from the traffic circle at the entrance to the town. The current 20 parking spaces on the existing Kronesstraße Park&Ride facility will be asphalted and will remain available to commuters in the future. Forty-eight covered Bike&Ride spaces will be newly built south of the railroad. The parking facilities will be supplemented by ten parking spaces for mopeds and motorcycles.

With the timetable change in December 2023, the Hofstatt and Unter Oberndorf stops will be abandoned. It is necessary because further improvements in the timetable can only be implemented with this reorganization of the stop situation. Alternatives by regional buses will be available. It is one of the reasons why the new station will be built with a bus stop including a reversing loop at the station forecourt.

ÖBB points out that noise, dust development and vibrations as well as an increased volume of construction site traffic are unfortunately not entirely avoidable during construction work of this magnitude and asks for understanding.

Source: ÖBB