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Elevated Eco-friendly Commuting: Wiener Neustadt's New Parking Deck Unveiled

Elevated Eco-friendly Commuting: Wiener Neustadt's New Parking Deck Unveiled
photo: RAILTARGET Archive/Elevated Eco-friendly Commuting: Wiener Neustadt's New Parking Deck Unveiled
18 / 07 / 2023

Wiener Neustadt, a residential and commercial hub in Eastern Austria, has witnessed the inauguration of a new seven-story parking deck near the city's railway station. Completed on schedule after approximately a year of construction, this facility aims to encourage the shift from cars to eco-friendly train travel by offering more than 1,000 parking spaces, including 102 dedicated to women, 26 for families, 26 barrier-free, and four equipped with e-charging stations. This new structure, built with system construction, promises to provide twice as many parking spaces as its predecessor.

This parking deck embodies the commitment to ecological sustainability by the stakeholders. Its roof, planned to be adorned with a photovoltaic system in the coming months, has been planted with greenery. The photovoltaic system is designed to generate approximately 200 MWh of electricity annually, which will be utilized directly on-site, potentially satisfying the yearly electricity needs of about 50 Austrian households. Additional features of the parking deck include a lift system that connects to an existing pedestrian walkway and enhanced security through video surveillance in the entrance, exit areas, stairwells, and lift system.

The facility is also equipped with an access control system, ensuring parking spaces are available for commuters. The system automatically records the license plate number of vehicles entering or exiting and requires drivers to scan a valid ticket upon exit. Successful verification of parking authorization is signaled by a green light. This 18.3 million euros project was jointly financed, with 50% of the costs borne by ÖBB, 35% by the province, and 15% by the city, reflecting a concerted effort towards sustainable transportation solutions.